Every backgammon board in the world is infested with microscopic creatures known as "backgammon bugs." You probably cannot see them, but I assure you they are there. These harmless insects have only one interest: to study backgammon positions. They will sometimes form a "bugpile" to get a better view of the board. Study the board and comments made by the four bugs on top of the pile. Then decide which bug has analyzed the position most correctly.

The Position: WHITE has three men left on his 1-point and three men on his 2-point. WHITE redoubles BLUE to 4.

Plum BugProfessor Plum Bug: "I can see that BLUE has a man on the 5-point,
the 3-point, and two men on the 2-point. I think BLUE can take the 4 cube." Greenback Bug
                                                    Miss Greenback Bug: "WHITE looks
                                        like a 60% favorite to win the bearoff. While this might
              Yello Bugbe an initial double, it is definitely not a recube for WHITE."
Sir Mello Yello Bug: "From what I hear it sounds like an easy take for BLUE, but from what I see, I'm
positive it's a drop for BLUE." Brown Bug
                         Mrs. Buster Brown Bug: "From this position, BLUE is a slight
                         favorite if he owns the cube. BLUE should take the cube and beaver to 8 !"

Which Backgammon Bug has best analyzed this recube?

Which Click on the bug that has given the most correct statement.