Dirty Diana


She handed me the headset and I sat back to hear the lively tune. When the song ended, I returned the headset saying, "I've heard it many times at wedding receptions where the favorite beverage was beer!"

She asked if I'd listened to the whole song. When I said that I had, she replied, "Excellent!" and put away the player for the rest of the match.

I was mistaken. "Dirty Diana" had won the battle. Most of her tricks failed, but this last one had worked. She had planted a virus in my brain: a musical virus. I had listened to a song I couldn't get out of my mind. Every effort on my part to suppress it failed. Whenever I tried to concentrate, the song would pop back into my skull.

Her bouncing head and dancing fingers had been an act. She didn't even have the MP3 player running. It was only turned on when she passed it to me. She had infected me and then put the player away. It had done its job.

Sure I won the match. Big deal! I left the table outfoxed by a fox. She stuck a song in my head that stayed the whole weekend. The only way I ridded myself of that tune was to listen to "It's a Small, Small World" a half-dozen times.

Unfortunately, now I have the urge to go to Disneyworld. -- Duane Jensen


[Hopefully, you moved correctly in all of the positions. Pos. 1: B/20*/15/10/5. Pos. 2: 5/4(4). Pos. 3: 7/1*, 20/18. - Ed.]