Sandy Has Back Issues

Sandy A. of Montgomery, Alabama wrote us that she was getting a little behind in her Chicago Point reading. We wanted to encourage that trend and suggested that she order Back Issues of the Point. Sandy did just that!

Original issue #50 and higher are available in very limited quantities.

Be like Sandy. Study the back issues and you'll become a better player. The price is $3 each, or $2.50 each if you order 10 or more. Postage is free to the US. Overseas, add $2 if you order 1-10 issues, $4 for 11-20 issues, $6 for 21-30 issues, etc.

Order yours today. Paypal funds to or send a US funds check to: Chicago Point; 3940 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. #504; Chicago, IL 60659

Backgammon Wallpaper

To capture Sandy for your desktop wallpaper, right click on the image shown below and select "Set as Wallpaper."