ARTICLE #4 [First published in April 1987 Chicagoland Backgammon Newsletter]

Level of Competition

To increase your abilities, you need competition that will tax your knowledge. To get this level of competition, you might have to travel; or perhaps you can develop it within your own area.

Sharing what you know with other players may take away your edge. One day their knowledge could surpass yours; but if you want to get better, you must learn to accept this possibility. If winning is your only priority, you’ll have to accept short-term glory for long-term apathy. The “shark” mentality (where victims are needed) is a destructive force because you work from a premise that results in the elimination of future competition.

How does someone disarm himself and hope to survive? It is a question that will test your ability to improve. The rewarding sense of accomplishment when you learn something has to be the motivating force to make this game a better one.

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