ARTICLE #10 [First published in October 1987 Chicagoland Backgammon Newsletter]

The Lost Calcutta

The action at recent Calcutta auctions has been like watching a corpse in search of its grave. In prior times, the Golden Laurels for the survivors of torrents of matches added great value and excitement to their quest. Why has this once tall-masted vessel full of daring young treasure hunters run aground in a desolate sea of stillness?

Alas, time has a way of moderating any excesses for better or worse. The towering peaks of the Calcutta have been reduced to tame mounds by the landscaping effects of dispersing prizes. The huge cache of riches that awaited each anointed player has been lost through the passage of time.

The passion for creating great action has given way to sound investments and sensible equity. The wild swings in fortune from cutting dice have been sheathed by settlements and insurance. Winning itself has been replaced by the safety of not losing.

Calmness has settled into the land.

Fortune Cookie
Luck determines if you win or lose. Skill determines how much luck is needed.

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