ARTICLE #16 [First published in April 1988 Chicagoland Backgammon Newsletter]

The Fishes of Gam

In a galaxy far, far away, there lived on an ocean planet called Gam, a race of fighting fish. The fish were divided into three types. The first were the DIRs. Organizers by nature, they were the lawgivers of their world. They had thick, boney scales, but rarely ever fought. The second were the OPEs—huge and fierce predators that snapped at any moving thing. The last were the INTs. They were small and slippery with sharp, jagged teeth. Most of them hid from the OPEs to avoid being eaten.

To protect the INTs from the ravenous OPEs, the DIRs ordered the building of a separate pond. Here the INTs could battle among themselves in relative safety, thus allowing the group as a whole to grow.

As with the best laid plans of snails and fish, things can go astray. From the darkness of the heavens, a meteorite exploded, sprinkling dust of “knowl” over the planet of Gam. The dust filtered through the oceans, down into the ponds. Things began to change. The dust affected some of the INTs causing them to grow bigger and stronger than the others. At first, the bigger INTs had a positive effect by making the others try harder to survive. But eventually, many of the INTs who were not as greatly affected by the dust of “knowl” were devoured. The fear from the outside was replaced by the danger from within.

A solution was needed for the survival of the true INTs. The DIR’s decision was final. The “knowl”-affected INTs must be removed from the safety of the pond and thrown to luck’s mercy in the ocean of the OPEs.

The hungry OPEs awaited the coming of the expelled INTs—delicious morsels to fill their bellies.

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