ARTICLE #17 [First published in May 1988 Chicagoland Backgammon Newsletter]

The Sea of Strife

As moonlight glistens in the rhythm of the waves,
A cool seaward breeze awakens me from a daze.
Clearing the gray mists from my lingering thought
Of memories of long ago when stormy seas were fought.
To envision my goal—a fateful quest—
The hopes of safe passage through the seas that crest.

I happen to be a sailor on a sea of strife,
Rigging for storms has become my way of life.
When clasping the helm of my sailing ship,
I try to steer a true course on this perilous trip.
What winds I shall reap, be they fair or foul,
I’ll weather the storms or be dragged down by the bow.

From sailing countless hours with trepidation and fears,
My shaken composure has taken me to the brink of tears.
I found the excitement of trying to stay alive
by looking for the answers in my effort to survive.
If I sought safe harbors, I wouldn’t set sail
On these uncharted waters in a see chopped by gale.

Fortune Cookie
Aggression without hostility is the controlled violence necessary to execute successful assaults.

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