Past Takgammon Letters To The Editor

[The Takgammon online posting is now concluded. During publication in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many Chicago Point readers wrote in to express their opinion of the articles. Here are a few -- Ed.]

I’m still waiting to find something instructively pertinent to backgammon in Tak Morioka’s regular column. Do you owe him this ego trip? -- John Ward

One of the big reasons I subscribe to CHICAGO POINT is for the Takgammon column. If it’s only going to appear bimonthly, change my subscription accordingly. -- Alan Steffen

Tak Morioka --
Cryptic backgammon writings,
Perplex his readers.
Inciting them to prepare,
Irate letters bashing prose. -- Unsigned

Even though I have been out of the “Backgammon Scene” for a number of years, I still enjoy reading your newsletter and keeping up on all the latest BG information. I feel though, that I must take exception with Tak Morioka’s “Fortune Cookie” quote last month where he said “The most effective players are rarely involved in flamboyant plays.”

Creativity and flamboyance were trademarks of my playing style -- and they were successful trademarks. Conversely, toeay’s game has turned into an exercise of computerized, programmed autonomatons. Personality has been banished from the playing fields.

Tak’s statement reinforces my perception that the new breed of backgammon player looks at the game from behind a computer, pushing keys on a keyboard. Backgammon is no longer a Game with a capital “G”; rather just a memory test of who can best recall the output from one million computer trials of a particular position.

Humanity has left backgammon. The players aren’t “people any longer -- they’re robots. I think that is sad. -- Kathy Posner

I’m glad you did an interview with Tak Morioka. The first time I ever attended a tournament, Tak was not too busy to take the time to talk with a newcomer and offer some valuable advice. I’m going to miss his column. -- Mark Hicks

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