By Phil Simborg

Neil Kaz finished the year at the ABT top,
Alfred Mamlet came close, but then he was stopped,

Victor A. proved that he has the skill that it takes,
Ted C., Carter, and Phil had their share of good shakes.

Stick Rice finally got his first place trophy,
Firsts also to Howard, Steve Sax, and Mochy.

Coolrey with no wins, didn’t have the right stuff,
‘Cause he played only eight times, it wasn’t enough.

Bill Davis did well, Ed O., Bauer, and Schneider,
Horton, Silliman, Andrus, and young Matt Cohn-Geier.

Senk cashed. KG, Frigo and X showed up, too,
It’s great to see old guard along with the new.

That’s this year’s top 20; but I’d feel a lot smarter,
If I’d scored two more points, and just beaten out Carter.