"The Changed Rule" Solution

The rule change Justin and Kurt made was that a “dice roll” was composed of your opponent’s previous die roll and your current die roll. Kurt always rolled the Black die (and only the Black die) and Justin always rolled only the Yellow one.

1. Kurt won the opening roll with a 2-1. Justin would use Kurt’s “2” and his own fresh die roll. Justin rolled a 4 so using Kurt’s previous die roll, his roll became a 4-2. The blot on the 10-point was untouchable because Justin’s roll had to include Kurt's “2.”

2. Kurt rolled a 4 that united with Justin’s previous roll of 5 to make a 4-5. If he played 20/16, Justin would be guaranteed a hitting “4” on his next roll, so Kurt had to play 6/2.

3. Kurt rolled a 6 on his die that built a 6-1 roll. Too bad for Kurt because it guaranteed a “6” for Justin on his turn. The roll that failed to bear off for Justin would be a “1” (1-6), so Kurt had to drop the 8-cube.—Duane Jensen

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