Khoury Corrals 'Coyote.' Captures Kalba Cup–2013

Harry Glinos over Christopher Shanava in the Intermediate

By Bill Davis

50 people (Including 44 tourney entrants) were on hand to honor the memory of Peter Kalba at the 2nd annual Kalba Cup backgammon tournament. The event, named for the late Chicago Bar Point Club co-founder Peter Kalba, was held Sunday, November 10 at Giordano's in Morton Grove, Illinois.

The Open winner was Faddoul Khoury of Bloomington, Illinois. Khoury blasted through Don Marek, Tak Morioka, Phil Simborg, and Ken Bond before facing David "The Coyote" Presser, the 2012 defending Kalba Cup champion.

Faddoul Khoury, David Presser

Faddoul Khoury (L) and David "The Coyote" Presser in the Kalba Cup Open finals.

Presser, nicknamed "The Coyote" by Khoury for his wily cube play, was ready for this tournament. He brought his 2012 Kalba Cup "expecting" to have a winner's photo taken with both trophies. But it was not to be. After a sequence of 11 one point games, Khoury opened up the match, eventually winning 9–6.

Bill Davis, Faddoul Khoury

Bar Point Club director Bill Davis presents Faddoul Khoury with the 2013 Kalba Cup.

The Intermediate Kalba Cup went to Harry Glinos of Bartlett, Illinois. Glinos crushed Christopher Shanava 7–0 to earn the win.

Christopher Shanava, Harry Glinos


Trophy Christopher Shanave, Harry Gllinos

Intermediate winner Harry Glinos (R) with runner-up Christopher Shanava.

Thanks to all who participated. In memory of Peter, the Bar Point Club will send a check for $100 to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Complete results and photos follow:

2013 KALBA CUP (Nov. 10, 2013; Morton Grove, IL)

Championship (30): 1-Faddoul Khoury, 2-David Presser, 3/4-Ken Bond / Tim Mabee; 1C-Lucky Nelson, 2C-Steve Klesker.

Intermediate (14): 1-Harry Glinos, 2-Christopher Shanava, 3/4-Roy Cohen / Amy Trudeau; 1C-Jay Robinson, 2C-David Nosik.

1-Point Tournament (16): 1-Lucky Nelson.


Steve Klesker, Lucky Nelson

Steve Klesker and Lucky Nelson enjoy a friendly Open Consolation finals. Lucky prevailed. He also won the 1-Point Tourney defeating David Rockwell in the finals.


Bears Lose

Bears Lose!


Jay Robinson, David Nosik

Jay Robinson captured the Intermediate Consolation finals over David Nosik.



A nice crowd of 50 at Giordanos, the Bar Point Club's regular Tuesday night venue.


Ammaaarah Khatri, Roy Cohen

Giordano's is famous for their stuffed pizza. Here are newcomer Ammaaarah Khatri and Roy Cohen enjoying a pie during their first round Intermediate match.