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From the 1930s through the 1970s and into modern times, celebrities have been fascinated by the game of backgammon. Back in the stylish 30s, the “game of kings” had an elite feel to it. Cary Grant, Joan Crawford, and Fred Astaire were but a few of the addicted stars. In the 70s, baby boomers at the start of their careers saw the game as a social outlet. Lucille Ball, Omar Sharif, and Hugh Hefner maintained the glamour. Now backgammon is back, played and promoted in a different way by Taylor Swift, Pamela Anderson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keira Knightley, Chris Rock, Toby McGuire, Sienna Miller, and others.

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LEONARDO DICAPRIO smoking a cigar and playing backgammon at the Goal Sports Bar in Los Angeles in 2010.
HUGH HEFNER in a photo that first appeard in the Paris Match January 1, 1993. This is the first of a number of photos we've found of Hef, a huge backgammon aficionado.
FREDERIC MARCH and FLORENCE ELDRIDGE playing backgammon in Great Neck, New York, probably in promotion of their 1935 move Les Misérables.
GLENN CLOSE playing backgammon in January 2009 at the Google Inaugural Ball. Check her YouTube 2007 interview talking about "The Shield." At 5:00, like every other player, she complains about her opponent rolling excessive doubles in the bearoff.
American director, screenwriter, actor, and producer JOHN HUSTON on the set of his movie Wise Blood in 1979.
APRIL SCOTT ranked in the hot 100 of People, Maxim, Stuff, and FHM magazine. She had a dramatic part on CSI: Miami before working as a model on the game show "Deal or No Deal." She made two movies in 2010.
Home improvement guru BOB VILA relaxes at an antique French "Directoire" backgammon table in his penthouse in midtown Manhattan in 2004.
J. EDGAR HOOVER and his FBI agents were down in Miami, Florida in 1937 to set up a new department bureau. Hoover's opponent was the associate director of the FBI and his rumored gay lover Clyde Tolson.
DAN AYKROYD watches a game of backgammon being played at his club in a screen shot from the movie Trading Places (1983).

GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN took time off on January 25, 1935, from their studio duties to play a bit of backgammon. They were working on filming Love in Bloom for Paramount. (UPI ACME Photo/Files)


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