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Celebrity Backgammon Players

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Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor

BARBARA STANWYCK and ROBERT TAYLOR met on the set of “His Brother’s Wife
in 1936. They were married from 1939–1951.


Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard

Hollywood film stars and lovers CHARLIE CHAPLIN & PAULETTE GODDARD playing
backgammon aboard his yacht, the Panacea in 1933.


Chris Evert

Tennis legend CHRIS EVERT plays backgammon against BOB KREISS as JIMMY
and DINO MARTIN (gray jacket) look on.


Diana Ross

We hear that DIANA ROSS was a "supreme" backgammon player.


Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert

CLARK GABLE and CLAUDETTE COLBERT play backgammon during a break in the
fliming of "It Happened One Night" (1934).


Pamela Anderson

PAMELA ANDERSON hosting her charity backgammon tournament aboard a Yacht in
Monte Carlo 16 May 2014.


Jack Benny and Mary Livingston

Radio and television comedian JACK BENNY and wife MARY LIVINGSTON play
backgammon at home in 1941 as daughter Joan looks on.


James Coburn and Walter Pidgeon

JAMES COBURN and WALTER PIDGEON take a backgammon break during the
filming of "Harry In Your Pocket" (1973).


Marlene Dietrich

The alluring MARLENE DIETRICH at home in Beverly Hills, California in 1932 with her
backgammon table in the foreground.


Mickey Rooney

MGM screen star MICKEY ROONEY played backgammon back in the 1930s. Who didn't?

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