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ZEPPO and HARPO MARX playing backgammon at Palm Springs, California in 1933.
POLLY BERGAN plays backgammon against LORI MARTIN in a scene from the 1962 movie "Cape Fear." In the real world, Ms. Bergan was a regular at the Beverly Hills Pips Backgammon Club during the 1970s.
BOB DYLAN lying on floor backstage on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour (1975) playing a solo game of backgammon.
JACLYN SMITH rolls the dice vs. DENNIS COLE in the second episode of "The Love Boat's" first season (1977). Watch the entire episode online here. The couple married in 1978. The marriage ended in a 1981 divorce.
JUNE ALLYSON and DICK POWELL playing backgammon at home in the late 1940s. The Hollywood couple maried in 1945 and remained together until Powell's death from stomach cancer in 1963.
In March 1931, LESLIE HOWARD and NORMA SHEARER share an intimate moment over a backgammon table in a scene from "A Free Soul," directed by Clarence Brown.
LUCILLE BALL promoting her annual charity backgammon tournament. This event was won by Gaby Horowitz who defeated Elliott Winslow in the finals. Today, August 6, 2011, is the 100th anniversary of Lucy's birth.
LINDSAY LOHAN from her 2004 Vanity Fair photo shoot. This photo did not make the magazine. This photo did.
JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS throws the dice while playing "Counterstrike" with the game's inventor Roger Tuckerman in 1975. The game, very similar to backgammon, never caught on. The former First Lady's Social Secretary Letitia Baldrige and White House Personal assistant Nancy Tuckerman are in the background.

TERRY O'QUINN as John Locke and MALCOLM DAVID KELLEY as Walt Lloyd in the 2004 pilot episode of the TV series "Lost." Here's Locke's video explanation of backgammon.


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