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MGM Studio release circa 1935 or 1936. Left to right: FRANK MORGAN (The Wizard of Oz), WILLIAM POWELL (The Thin Man), and ROBERT MONTGOMERY (Lady On the Lake). [Submitted by Maurice Barie.]
It's BARBRA STREISAND vs. JEFF BRIDGES in a scene from the 1996 movie "The Mirror Has Two Faces." Unfortunately Barbra didn't even know how to play the game as she counted the bar as a pip in the move she made.
TONY MARTIN and CYD CHARISSE play backgammon at their home in a cover shot from the June 1979 "Gambling Times" Magazine. The couple remained married for 60 years until Miss Charisse's death in 2008. Mr. Martin was still alive (97) as we post this in 2011.
Former Cleveland Browns football great JIM BROWN plays his friend George Hughley at Brown's home in 1981.
HUGH HEFNER in front of a backgammon board on the grounds of his mansion with "The Girls Next Door," HOLLY MADISON. BRIDGET MARQUARDT, AND KENDRA WILKINSON. That's the band WEEZER in the background. Backgammon is featured in this Playboy Weezer video.
LIBERACE on the cover of the March 1980 Las Vegas Backgammon Magazine.
ADOLPHE MENJOU and his actress wife VERREE TEASDALE play backgammon after completing the motion picture The Milky Way in 1936. [Submitted by Maurice Barie.]
MADONNA playing backgammon against a dog in a Versace ad photographed by Steven Meisel in 1995.
JOAN CRAWFORD prepares to show home movies of her children and friends at her Brentwood, California home in 1940. Her backgammon table served as projection central.

CONNIE STEVENS, an avid backgammon player on the cover of the June 1979 Las Vegas Backgammon Magazine.


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