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Celebrity Backgammon Players

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Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS enjoys backgammon and Chinese food in a 2017 episode
of her show "Veep."


Julio Iglesias

Backgammon is a family game according to singer JULIO IGLASIAS.


Lukas Haas

Actor/musician LUKAS HAAS enjoys backgammon and a good cigar.


Margaux Hemingway

No doubt MARGAUX HEMINGWAY uses distraction as a backgammon tactic. Here
she is in the 1979 movie "Killer Fish."


Melina Mecouri

MELINA MECOURI plays backgammon with her husband at home in Greece.


Vladimir Putin

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN takes on his soldiers.


Taylor Swift

Singer/songwriter TAYLOR SWIFT is always up for a game.


Tito Jackson and Aretha Franklin

TITO JACKSON teaching ARETHA FRANKLIN how to play backgammon in 1977.


Tyrone Power

1940s movie star TYRONE POWER enjoying a game of backgammon at home.


Willie Shoemaker

Dont get into a racing game with legendary jocky WILLIE SHOEMAKER!

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