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CHARLES COBURN plays backgammon witn JUDITH BARRETT in a screenshot from the 1940 Bob Hope/Bing Crosby motion picture "Road To Singapore."
Aside from horse racing, FRED ASTAIRE also loved backgammon. In fact he and his second wife Robyn Smith played in the 1980s. This photo was likely from the 1940s.
YUL BRYNNER with his wife Doris Kleiner, wearing a Kimberly dress, playing backgammon at their home in 1961.
CHARLIZE THERON takes a break during filming of The Italian Job (2003) for a game of backgammon.
JERMAINE JACKSON and wife HAZEL GORDY JACKSON play backgammon at home in 1980.
JOAN CRAWFORD with her fourth husband Alfred Steele play backgammon in the couples' home in 1958. Another picture of Crawford playing backgammon with her first husband Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. can be found here.
EDWARD G. ROBINSON and his first wife Gladys Lloyd Robinson play backgammon in a 1950s magazine ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.
Former Playboy model BARBI BENTON enjoys an evening of backgammon in 1970, most likely at the Pips Club in Beverly Hills, California. She was dating Hugh Hefner at the time.
The Rolling Stones' MICK JAGGER and JERRY HALL play backgammon in Barbados in December 1983. At the time, Hall was pregnant with Jagger's baby.

CARY GRANT and RANDOLPH SCOTT play backgammon in the mid-1930s. Their first movie together was Hot Saturday in 1932.


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