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Jim Opre wins 2014 Kalba Cup For Peter
BPC tourney report by Bill Davis

Joann Feinstein Remembered
The passing of a Chicago legend by Bill Davis

Pascar Roars to Victory at 2014 CSI
Match & photo report by Bill Davis

Joe Dwek's 4-2 Play From 1976
First person account from Monaco by Bill Davis

Khoury Corrals Coyote in Kalba Cup-2013
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'Horseshoes & Hand Grenades' Quiz
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CSI 2013: Neil Wins Again. Ray Beavers!
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Simple Delay Is New Clock Rule Standard
Bronstein references eliminated by Rich Munitz

Anti-Cruelty Society Honors BPC
A tile will be hung in their Garden this spring

Backgammon & Poker On Board XI
Fun on the High Seas by Bill Davis

ABT 2012 'At a Glance'
A poem by Phil Simborg

College Students Capture Kalba Cups
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"The Changed Rule" Puzzle
Tropical island brain teaser by Duane Jensen

Peter Kalba is Dead.
The memorial is HERE. The video is HERE.

New Historical US Doubling Info Emerges
Frank Frigo makes a great find

ABT Modifies Chicago Open Point Awards
A new system for "More Swiss" is developed



US Tournament Rules & Procedures
v. January 2009

US Tournament Clock Rules & Procedures
v. March 2013

How To Form & Operate a Local BG Club
Also tournament procedural tips by Bill Davis

Backgammon & Doubling: Just the Facts
Who invented the doubling cube? by Bill Davis

by Tak Morioka

Max's Photo Album
Backgammon's 'Golden Age' captured in 100 pix


2012 Chicago Open: Memorable Weekend
First person account by Bill Davis

Superman: AKA Eric Louis Johnson
A son remembers his dad by Brandon Johnson

Dallas player Diane Haley Dies
Her 1992 Nevada win recalled by Bill Davis

RIP Chicago Point
Kit Woolsey's last Point problem by Chris Bray

Problem #371
Analyzed by Steve Sax

Final Chicago Point Print issue
January 2012

Last Bango in Paris
Humor from the 2010 Paris Open by Al Hodis

The Backgammon/Poker Quiz
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The Case of the Deadly Roll
Backgammon murder mystery by Bill Davis

Bifocal Take Causes Optical Illusion
Take another look at this one by Duane Jensen

Dirty Diana
Her diabolical tricks exposed by Duane Jensen

The Backgammon Bugs
Which bug is the best analyst? by Duane Jensen

Pyramid Backgammon
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Goldilocks & the Three Bears
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Which BG Player Outshines All Others?
A 'follicly-challenging' quiz by Duane Jensen

Backgammon large scale by Steve Schreiber


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